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Lusitania: The Floating Palace
Razed Roof
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Image Embarkation at New York.
Image The rich family’s nanny writes how like a palace is the ship.
Image …but what do those boxes being loaded on the ship contain?
Image Images of the folk that dwell in the sea...
Image …ignore them at your peril.
Image The Lusitania sets sail...
Image The rich family settle down to tea.
Image What a civilised way of travelling!
Image A 3rd class passenger in the 1st class area!
Image Later, the 1st class passengers dance to the Blue Danube...
Image Whilst there is more lively dancing in 3rd class.
Image A perfunctory lifeboat drill.
Image Land ahoy! Liverpool can be seen on the horizon.
Image A happy family moment...
Image …but a German submarine is at hand.
Image There is an enormous explosion as the torpedo hits.
Image The ship starts sinking fast.
Image The rich parents seek safety.
Image Their young daughter has a life jacket...
Image …but the rich parents do not survive.
Image Who was to blame: not the Germans, British or Americans...
Image …so it must have been the Captain’s fault. He is ostracised in Liverpool.
Image He attempts to clear his name at the enquiry.
Image Some years later, the young girl - now a young woman - writes to her old nanny to thank her for saving her life.